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Title: The Trad Forum Rules--Read Before Posting
Post by: Mithrandylan on October 13, 2017, 04:28:03 PM
1.  Only Catholics and Catechumens may post on this forum.

2.  Denial or doubt of Baptism of Blood and/or Baptism of Desire is not permitted to be expressed in any posts or private messages (please report those PM which violate this rule).  Do not link to MHFM or other Feeneyite websites, even for material that is unrelated to BoB/BoD.

3.  The only discussion of non-Catholic ideologies, religions, beliefs, etc. permitted is the deconstructive Catholic criticism of it (i.e. explicating why it is incompatible with the Catholic faith).  This includes but is certainly not limited to Protestantism, socialism, feminism, denial of BoB/BoD, and so on.

4.  No detraction or calumny.

5.  Doctrine and Reason should reign. In any discussions, heretical statements, illogical arguments, and other fallacies must be avoided and will be removed when scandalous.

6. Users are not expected to always get along, and heated discussion is inevitable.  Have a sense of humor, thick skin, and charity.  If you are offended by another poster, assume the problem is you, not them.  Even if it is them, this is a good exercise in humility.

Further rules may be added as the Admins sees fit.

The Admins reserve the right to ban anyone for any reason at any given time.