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Hi, Joe here
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Hi, I'm Joe.  Actually, that's not my real name, but St. Joseph of Cupertino is my Confirmation saint.  I'm also Caillin on other forums. 

I first started getting involved in forums when I joined the Bellarmine Forums in 2012.  I've been Catholic all my life, and started going to the Traditional Latin Mass in 1992, when I was 10.  We took up the sedevacantist position about a year or two after that, attending Fr. Francisco Radecki's Mass at St. Joseph's in Wayne, MI (CMRI) (I go there about once a year now, so PM me if you are ever there).  After about a year of going there, we stopped going to nearly all traditional priests as my father began to doubt the validity of both the Thuc and Lefebvre lines of ordination.  My father's beliefs paralleled that of Hutton Gibson, who he was highly influenced by. Though I am entirely grateful to my father for my faith, I've learned that he is wrong on many things, including his beliefs about the invalidity of most of the traditional priests, but I didn't learn his error in this in particular until a few years ago.

From the early nineties until 2007, I became more and more corrupt and worldly, though never actually denying my faith, but hardly practicing it.  In 2007, by the grace of God, I was throttled awake, given a chance to see what I had become, and given the choice to continue on my road to perdition or try to conform to God's Will.  Through His Grace I chose to do His Will.  I don't mean to over-sensationalize and make myself sound like I suddenly became a saint, or did anything extraordinary. But it was one of the most profound experiences I've ever had, where the fork in the road was so clearly presented in front of me, and yet I was very close to consciously choosing to forever ignore the path of righteousness, and continue further down the road of corruption.  Though I may be wrong about this, I really think the moment could've been my last chance to act on God's grace, had I chosen not to.  I believe I would've been permitted to remain blind to my corruptness for the remainder of my life.  Again, I don't want to give the impression that I suddenly became some extraordinarily holy person, but just that I at least chose not to be an eternal wretch and reprobate.

I've since been extremely blessed to have been given a very devout and loving Catholic wife, and four children, ages one to seven.  We also just recently moved to a small farm, have acquired four goats, and are boarding two horses.  And we're fortunate enough to have Mass and sacraments from the CMRI every Sunday, just thirty minutes away.

My forum habits have changed a little in different ways since 2012, but I think right now they're closer to what I intended when joining BF then, which is mostly reading, and periodically asking questions or contributing sources.  Too much involvement in discussions or debates is difficult and psychologically exhausting for me, since I'm a somewhat slow-witted overly-self-conscious melancholic, with less and less extra time on my hands.  But big thank you to those of you who do frequently contribute to discussion on this forum and elsewhere!
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Re: Hi, Joe here
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Dear Joe,

Thank you for your post. I wonder about your experience in that I wonder if Our Lord through Our Lady gives these illuminating moments of grace in similar manners. I expect that you will find similar stories to your own in the world. It can be deeply frightening and scary because I see people who have lived objectively far far less sinful lives than myself continue on the path of perdition. The only thing these stories make me conclude is that Our Lady due to the prayers and sacrafices of someone you will never know until heaven if you persevere to the end, gifted you with an extraordinary grace in the modern world. It should make us all more docile, humble, grateful, and far more generous in her service. We must also be joyful and for melancholics like myself and yourself struggle against our disposition.

Jesus and Mary,
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Re: Hi, Joe here
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Good to have you! You should post more, though :D

Also, users, note that Joe Cupertino's welcome OP is basically the platonic form of introduction threads.   :clap:
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Re: Hi, Joe here
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Joe, welcome to the forum and thank you for sharing your story.
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