Author Topic: Is receiving Sacraments from Heretics/Schismatics/Apostates intrinsically evil?  (Read 1275 times)


It's a very tangled ball of yarn you're playing with.  I don't really even know where to start.

Just think about what principle you use to conclude that "mere recognition"-- that is, calling Jorge Bergoglio pope while not believing what he believes-- severs one from the Church, but that it doesn't with the other conciliar claimants.  I think the more you think about this specifically, the rest of the problems in your theory will become clearer to you, or at least it will be easier to see which of your premises are not anywhere near as sure as you seem to think they are.

I never said it applies only to Bergoglio. I definitely never said that. If that's the impression you got, you misunderstood. It definitely applies to all the counciliar claimants. Listen, I'm not beyond correcting myself if I can be shown to be wrong. But that's the point, someone who cares to set me straight if I need to be, has not done so. And I only want to believe and profess what the Catholic Church teaches. God Bless.