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[LATIN] Wenzl, A (1724) Controversiae Selectae
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[LATIN] Wenzl, A (1724) Controversiae Selectae

Controversiae Selectae, the principal Thomistic theological work of Alphonsus Wenzl, a Benedictine dogmatist and liturgist, contains a series of selected disputations and controversies as well as their answers, at least possible interpretations, based on Summa Theologiae by Saint Thomas Aquinas, and is one of the most distinguished works about Summa Theologiae written by Benedictine authors. This work is not, however, a full, comprehensive commentary on Summa Theologiae.

Controversiae Selectae (Tomus I: De Natura Et Qualitatibus Sacra Theologia, De Deo Uno, De Deo Trino)

Controversiae Selectae (Tomus II: De Angelis, De Ultimo Fine Et Actibus Humanis, De Conscientia, De Vitiis Et Peccatis, De Extrinseca Regula Actuum Humanorum, De Legibus)

Controversiae Selectae (Tomus III: De Gratia, De Fide, De Spe, De Charitate, De Ineffabili Incarnationis Mysterio)

Controversiae Selectae (Tomus IV: De Sacrosancto Ecclesiae Sacrementis, De Augustissimo Eucharistiae Sacramento, De Sacramento Poenitentiae)