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Re: Hawaii Ballistic Missile False Alarm
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I'm pretty clueless about these things, but is it possible that someone hacked the alarm systems somehow ..and what we have is a security issue?

That's a really interesting thought.

Cyberwarfare is really scary.  Geography, power, and the usual predictors and limitators in disrupting national security are irrelevant.  It isn't like King Alfred's walls, where they're just too high well defended for raiders to scale.  If you get a hacker who knows what he's doing, chances are he can hack into anything.  Now, granted, nation-states have the best cyber-security measures in place by far, but my impression is that no security system is actually impervious if you get the right guy to attack it.  So, maybe.

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Re: Hawaii Ballistic Missile False Alarm
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Not to downplay the value of a talented hacker but when you have billions of dollars in your budget you donít need to be a great hacker.  You just pay the hardware and software developers to put back doors into everything.  Or you start your own company (Google) and control the entire internet. 
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Re: Hawaii Ballistic Missile False Alarm
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What a mess. If it was human error, how do you screw that one up? If not, who did it?

Without a doubt, everyone should understand that those in power are conditioning the people for nuclear war.  The so called false alarm was not a mistake, just conditioning the people.

Prophecy of nuclear war.

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