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**Resource Formatting-- Please Read**
« on: October 14, 2017, 08:25:16 PM »
N.B.: Only post English sources in this subforum.  Any source which is only available in a non-English language should be posted to Aliis Linguis.

When posting resources, please use this format to title the thread:

Author Last name, (year of publication), Title of Publication.

So, Canon Smith's "Must I Believe it?" would be titled like this:

Smith, G. (1935). "Must I Believe it?"

Including initials or titles of authors is optional. As a general rule, place articles/essays in quotes, books without quotes.

If the work is by a Saint or a Pope, it is not necessary to follow the naming convention (e.g., you can simply put St. Robert, St. Bellarmine, St. Robert Bellarmine, or whatever you like-- it's not necessary to write Bellarmine, R.)

For unknown publication dates, please provide an approximation.

If the work is a reprint or republication, you can label with either date.  Exceptions to this include reprints translations with significant time expanses. For instance, don't label a translation of (e.g.) The Catechism of Trent as being written in 1951, even if that's the reprint date. If possible, provide the (original date of publication/reprint date)

If you are posting an article, or an excerpt from a book, please post the content here (not just the link), and please format it appropriately.  If possible, please post it as text, but images of the text are acceptable as well.

Finally, please consider including a note as to why you are sharing the resource. It doesn't have to be in depth, but make an attempt to draw attention to the significance of the resource.
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