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Signs of Our Times
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Listen carefully and know that this was said in 1947

Sound familiar?

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Listen carefully and know that this was said in 1947

Sound familiar?

Given that he gave this speech in 1947, which was shortly after the close of WWII, and the descent of the iron curtain upon Europe and Asia, it appears to me he is speaking of not only the evil that defined fascism, Nazism, and Communism but of the fear of evil in many forms that threaten to take over even the west, which was indifference and pleasure.  At 15:21, he stated, "It is not for the church that we fear but the world." Later, in his three concluding points; point three was a poignant call to all faiths to bond together as much as possible to resist the evil that is against any form of spirituality. He stated that all of us must realize the world is against spirituality, and he while he did not call for unity of religion, he did say there needed to be a unity of religious people.  He stated good can be united when we meet on our knees if we can't meet in the same church.

So in no way was this speech, "The Sign of Our Times" in anyway prophetic of what was coming on the church, for he stated he was not concerned for the church, but the world. The focus of his speech was the evil in the world, in which he drew the analogy we were all born in crisis.

Thanks for sharing, I always enjoy listening to Msgr. Fulton Sheen.