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3rd Printing of a popular prayer book and Missal (English and Old Church Slavonic). Includes coloured pictures of the Divine Liturgy with many devotions to the Sacred Heart, Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament, Our Lady, St. Nicholas etc. Interestingly on page 206 there is a beautiful prayer for the conversion of Schismatics - very un-Ecumenical and probably (sadly) unacceptable to most present-day Eastern Catholics. [note that most of the Eastern Catholic Hierarchy adheres to the false ecclesiology of Vatican II]


See page 206 of Missal:

Prayer to Mary Immaculate for the Conversion of Schismatics

O Immaculate Virgin Mary, we Thy clients and children of the Holy Catholic Church, confident of Thy great protection, beg of Thee, deign to obtain of God the Holy Ghost, for the reverence and glorification of His eternal procession from the Father and the Son, an abundance of His graces for our misled brethren, the Greek Rite Schismatics, that being enlightened by His grace they may return to the fold of the Catholic Church under the infallible guidance of their first Shepherd and Teacher, the Pope of Rome, and that thus united to us by the bonds of one faith and one charity, they may in union with us glorify the Blessed Trinity by their good works and glorify Thee, 0 Virgin Mother, full of grace, in time and for eternity. Amen.
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Vinny Zee

[note that most of the Eastern Catholic Hierarchy adheres to the false ecclesiology of Vatican II]

Thanks for the links.

Please read through and contribute to the thread on my question regarding whether the doctrine of papal infallibility inevitably brought about sedevacantism.

Can an indefectible church promote a false ecclesiology? Did the indefectible church defect before promoting said ecclesiology?

Note: I am not questioning your conclusion Vatican II promotes a false ecclesiology.