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**How to Use this Sub-Forum**Please Read!
« on: October 14, 2017, 08:45:07 PM »
1) Do not post resources to the parent board.  Select the most appropriate child board for your resource : Theological Resources, Crisis Resources, Aliis Linguis or Other Resources.

2) This is a limited discussion sub-forum.  Discussion is limited to requests for sources, questions about sources (integrity, reliability, revisions, etc.), availability of sources, etc.

3) This will be the most strictly moderated sub-forum of the entire board, because too many forums have "resource" threads that become nothing other than link dumps.  That's not resourceful, though!  No one will get in "trouble" for deviating the rules here, but just be advised that moderators will ask you to adjust any posts which deviate from the unique rules of this subforum (and/or edit/remove such posts without warning).

4) In the same vein as above, note that there is a naming convention that all thread titles should follow.  That convention is:

Author Last Name, (year of publication), "Title of Publication"

If you would like, you can include more information in the title (e.g. an initial or first name after the author's last name, a particular title ['Mgr.', 'Canon,' 'Fr.', etc.].  But you must include the information above.  As a general rule, put quotes around article but not around books.  If the work is an article or some other work included in a serial publication, please indicate-- either in the title OR the thread, the name of the serial along with relevant volume and issue details (such as will be the case for material taken from the AER, Clergy Review, Dublin Review, etc.)

If the author is a saint or a Pope or otherwise has a name that tends to defy the naming convention (e.g., texts issued by councils), simply use your best sense as how to provide the authorial information.  The key here is to make it clear, from the title alone: WHO wrote it, WHEN they wrote it, and WHAT it's called.

In cases where a text's original publication date is significantly different from a translation/reprint date, please provide both dates if possible.  If no date is provided, please 1) do a little research to see if you can find a date and 2) if you really can't find a date, provide your best approximation and indicate IN THE TITLE that the date is an approximation-- e.g., Author Last Name, (~1740), "Title of Publication"

If you are posting an article, or an excerpt from a book, please post the content here (not just the link), and please format it appropriately.  If possible, please post it as text, but images of the text are acceptable as well.

English sources are preferred if they are available. But if they are not, you are more than welcome to provide whatever language in which the source is available  in such instances, please begin the thread title  with [LANGUAGE].  So if you have a Latin source, it'll look like this:

[LATIN] Author Last Name, (year), "Title"

If you have both the Latin/original language AND the English version of a source, and would like to post both, create ONE thread where you post each version. Title the thread like this:

[ENGLISH AND LANGUAGE] Author Last Name, (Year), "Title of Publication"

N.B.: Any source which is only available in a non-English language should be posted to Aliis Linguis.

Finally, please include a note indicating the significance of the resource.  No need to go into great detail, be creative, or original-- just put forward an effort to draw attention to the significance of the source.

5) Additional child-boards may be added as needed.

Thank you for your attention!
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