Author Topic: Lane, J, (~2012), "Archbishop Lefebvre and the Sedevacantist Thesis"  (Read 108 times)


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John Lane made available this work, which (at the time he posted it) he said will be included as a chapter in his long-in-the-works-book The Church Crucified.  "Archbishop Lefebvre and the Sedevacantist Thesis" is a standalone read, however, and you may find a copy attached for download in addition to being available here:

In his usual style, Mr. Lane strikes a fine balance between theologically punctuated prose and relevant documentation.  The chapter is a "fresh" look at Archbishop Lefebvre, and paints something of (what I would call) a more realistic analysis of his position (which may or may not be equitable to the SSPX's position [now or in the past]).  Mainly, that the Archbishop was a humble prelate who, if nothing else, feared rashness in decision.  And while in retrospect we may wish that he had acted differently, Lane makes a compelling case for the Archbishop's sympathy with the sedevacantist thesis and argues (successfully, I think) that it was orthodoxy and humility rather than indecision or bad theology which led him to never become a public sedevacantist.
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